Al Baik Dubai Mall: Menu & Prices

Welcome to Al Baik Dubai Mall, where the chicken is crispy and the fries are hot. They guard the secret recipe so closely here that even Colonel Sanders himself would be envious. If you’re looking for a fast-food shop that will make your taste buds dance with joy, then this restaurant is the right place.

Anyway, beware, once you take a bite of that delicious chicken, you may never want to eat anything else again. It’s like the restaurant cast a spell on you, but instead of turning you into a frog, it transforms you into a fried chicken fanatic. With hot fries and affordable prices, Al Baik Dubai Mall is the perfect place for a quick, tasty meal.

In this article, we’ll reveal this fantastic restaurant. So, grab your napkins, loosen your belt, and get ready for a finger-licking good time at Dubai Mall.

History Of Al Baik

Before we delve into the details of Al Baik Dubai Mall with its menu and prices, let’s take a look at the history of this iconic chain. Shakour AbuGhazalah founded Al Baik in 1974 in the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. From humble beginnings, the chain has now grown to become one of the most popular fast-food chains in the Middle East. Today, Al Baik has over 120 branches across Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Egypt. People know this brand for its mouth-watering fried chicken.

The Ambience of Al Baik Dubai Mall

The ambiance at Al Baik Dubai Mall is casual and functional, with a focus on quick service and efficiency. You would notice the decor is simple here, with minimal decorations and basic seating. Nevertheless, the restaurant can get crowded and noisy during peak hours, making it difficult to find a quiet spot to eat.

Al Baik is a family-friendly restaurant, and the ambiance is relaxed and informal. The focus is on the menu items, and there are no tablecloths or fancy decorations. Overall, they gear the ambiance at Al Baik towards quick service and convenience. This makes it a great option for those who want a tasty meal on the go.

Al Baik Dubai Mall: Menu Details And Prices

The menu at Al Baik Dubai Mall is a gastronomical delight. It offers a wide range of dishes, including the famous fried chicken, shrimp, and fish. The chefs make all the dishes using the freshest ingredients, and their secret blend of spices gives them a unique and irresistible flavor. The restaurant also offers a variety of sides and beverages, including fries, coleslaw, and soft drinks.

Despite its popularity and high-quality food, Al Baik Dubai Mall is reasonably priced. The restaurant offers value for money, and you can enjoy a satisfying meal without breaking the bank! The prices at this restaurant are comparable to other fast-food chains in the UAE, and the quality of the food is far superior.

We would like to present a comprehensive table, including the corresponding prices and menu details, for your perusal and convenience.

Menu Details Price (AED)

Chicken Meals

Chicken Fillet Nuggets Meal Regular 10 Pcs 18.00
Al Baik Chicken Meal Regular 4 Pcs 18.00
Baikeez Chicken Thigh Meal Regular, 5 Pcs with French Fries 13.00
Baikeez Chicken Breast Meal Regular, 5 Pcs with French Fries 13.00
Chicken Fillet Snack Regular 5.50

Seafood Meals

Regular Fish Fillet Regular, 6 Pcs 23.50
Spicy Fish Fillet Spicy, 10 Pcs 20.50
Value Shrimp Meal Regular, Spicy, 10 Pcs 22.00
Jumbo Shrimp Meal Regular, 10 Pcs 34.00
Jumbo Shrimp Meal Regular, 12 Pcs 43.50


Chicken Fillet Sandwich Regular, 1-piece 7.50
Chicken Fillet Sandwich Meal Regular 13.00
Shrimp Sandwich Regular 11.50
Fish Fillet Sandwich Regular 8.00
Al Baik Shawerma Regular, with Tahina 5.50
Al Baik Shawerma Regular, with Garlic Sauce 5.50
BBQ Baik Regular 10.00
Double Baik Regular 9.00
Big Baik Regular 14.50
Big Baik Regular, with Cheese 16.00

Breakfast Meals

Falafel Snacks Regular, Spicy 3.00
Falafel Nuggets Regular, Spicy 5.00
Falafel Meal Regular, Spicy 7.50
Falafel Sandwich Regular, Spicy 3.50
Egg Sandwich Regular, Spicy 4.50
Egg Sandwich Regular, Spicy, with Cheese 5.50
Egg Sandwich Regular, Spicy, with Grilled Chicken and Cheese 8.00

Side Orders

Fries Regular 5.00
Fries With Garlic Sauce 6.00
Corn in a Cup Regular 6.00
Corn on the Cob Regular 6.00
2 Bread Buns Regular 2.00
Hummus With Bread Bun 5.00
Coleslaw Salad Regular 5.00
Cocktail Sauce Regular 2.00
Nugget Sauce Regular 1.50
Garlic Sauce Regular 1.50
Americano Regular 5.00
Cafe Latte Regular 7.00
Cappuccino Regular 7.00
Espresso Regular 4.00
Vanilla Ice Cream Regular 3.00
Vanilla Ice Cream With Chocolate Syrup 4.00
Vanilla Ice Cream With Strawberry Syrup 4.00


The Service Of Al Baik Dubai Mall

One thing that set Al Baik apart from other fast-food chains is its impeccable service. The staff at Al Baik Dubai Mall is friendly, welcoming, and always ready to help. They serve food quickly and ensure the tables are clean and tidy. The service at this branch is one reason the restaurant has a loyal customer base.

What Makes Al Baik Dubai Mall Unique?

Al Baik Dubai Mall is a unique fast-food chain because of its focus on quality and consistency. We know the restaurant for its crispy and flavorful chicken, which is made using a secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices. Al Baik’s menu items are always fresh and cooked to order, ensuring that customers receive a high-quality meal every time they visit. This commitment to quality has earned Al Baik a loyal following among customers in the UAE and beyond.

Another unique aspect of Al Baik Dubai Mall is its affordability. Despite its focus on quality, the restaurant offers its menu items at reasonable prices. This makes it accessible to a wide range of customers. This has helped Al Baik to establish itself as one of the most popular fast-food chains in the region, with a reputation for delicious food that is both tasty and affordable.

Overall, Al Baik’s combination of quality and affordability sets it apart from other fast-food chains. These make it a unique dining destination in Dubai Mall.

Pros And Cons Of Al Baik Dubai Mall

Al Baik is a popular fast-food chain that originated in Saudi Arabia and has expanded to other countries, including the United Arab Emirates. Al Baik in Dubai Mall is one of the chain’s locations in Dubai. Here are some pros and cons of dining at this restaurant:


  1. We know Al Baik for its crispy and flavorful chicken and other menu items, such as shrimp and fish. The food is freshly prepared, and the seasoning is just right.
  2. Al Baik is a budget-friendly restaurant, and the prices are reasonable for the quality and quantity of food.
  3. The Dubai Mall is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Al Baik’s location in the mall makes it easily accessible for shoppers and visitors.
  4. Al Baik has a fast-food concept, and they serve the food quickly. This makes it a convenient option for those who are short on time.
  5. Al Baik is a halal-certified restaurant, so the food is prepared and served according to Islamic dietary laws. This makes it a great option for Muslim customers who are looking for halal food.
  6. Al Baik’s portions are generous, and you’re likely to get a satisfying meal for the price you pay. This can make it a good option for those who are hungry and want to get a lot of food for their money.
  7. The restaurant offers good value for money, with reasonable prices for the quality and quantity of food. This can make it a good option for those on a budget.


  1. The Dubai Mall is a busy place, and Al Baik can get quite crowded during peak hours. This makes it challenging to find a seat.
  2. While we know Al Baik for its chicken, the menu options are limited. There are no vegetarian or vegan options.
  3. Al Baik’s menu items are fried, making them high in calories, fat, and sodium. While it’s okay to indulge in fast food once in a while, it’s essential to be mindful of your health.
  4. Some customers have reported inconsistent quality in Al Baik’s food, with some dishes being overcooked or under-seasoned.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Al Baik Better Than KFC?

Al Baik and KFC are both popular fast-food chains that serve fried chicken. They each have their own unique recipes and flavors, and it ultimately depends on individual taste preferences. Some people may prefer the taste of Al Baik’s chicken, while others may prefer KFC’s. It’s best to try both and decide for yourself which one you like better.

Why Is Al Baik Dubai Mall Famous?

Al Baik is a popular fast-food chain in Saudi Arabia known for its crispy and juicy fried chicken. The Al Baik branch in Dubai Mall is famous for serving the same delicious chicken that has made the chain popular in Saudi Arabia. It’s also known for its long lines of hungry customers who are willing to wait patiently for their turn to try the mouth-watering chicken.

Is Al Baik Halal In Dubai?

Yes, Al Baik in Dubai is Halal. The Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (IACAD) certify the restaurant in Dubai. They issue Halal certifications for food products and establishments. As a Halal-certified restaurant, Al Baik serves food that is prepared under Islamic dietary laws, and it does not contain any non-Halal ingredients.

Does Al Baik Dubai Mall Offer Delivery Services?

Yes, Al Baik Dubai Mall offers delivery services through various delivery partners.

What Are The Operating Hours Of Al Baik Dubai Mall?

Al Baik Dubai Mall is open from 10 am to 12 am every day.

Last Words

If you ever find yourself in Dubai Mall and have a hankering for some crispy, juicy fried chicken, look no further than Al Baik. Just be prepared to wait in a long line and fight off some hungry seagulls.

Anyway, dodging seagulls while waiting in a long line is all part of the fun of visiting Al Baik. It’s like playing a game of chicken with the birds, except instead of risking your life, you’re risking your meal. So, if you want a culinary adventure that’s both thrilling and delicious, head on over to Al Baik in Dubai Mall.

Who knows, you might even make some feathered friends along the way!

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